AMR System for Smart Grid


PLC technology can be applied to AMR systems to realize the functions of automatic meter reading and remote controlling. The AMR System developed by Risecomm has been running in many different circumstances for long time, proven its reliability against all kinds of harsh environment. It has been deployed on a large scale nationwide in China for numerous projects launched by China State Grid.
The core of Risecomm's AMR System lies in its dynamic network adaptive technology, which is based on CSMA technology and dynamic auto-routing. The proprietary technology and related intellectual properties are used to resolve the issues with network conflicting, breakdown, and efficiency to ensure the reliability of the communication network system.



System Features:

  • Remote automatic meter reading
  • Control ammeter and reading checking
  • Automatic reporting failures
  • Each node can be set as a routing node
  • High tolerance to strong impulse interference
  • High communication rate at 5.5kbps
  • Easy deployment and maintenance-free
  • Plug and play without learning routing path
  • Real-time communication in any weather conditions
  • No restriction on the number of routing hopping stages