Streetlight Control System

Risecomm's Streetlight Control System adopts PLC technology to remotely control and manage streetlight lamps through utility power lines.

It has a software platform managing a number of concentrators and terminal controllers. The software platform includes servers, databases and GUI through which operation personnel can carry out a number of management and controlling tasks on a host station at a remote monitoring center. The platform adopts distributed structure with which the database, the central server and the web server are connected with each other through TCP/IP protocols.


System Features:

  • Switch lamps on or off
  • Adjust lamps' brightness
  • Check lamps’ status, current, voltage and power consumption
  • Alert personnel on abnormal cases such as lamp fault or cable theft
  • Collect environmental data for harmful particles, temperature, humidity, etc.
  • Record logs on history of operations and status for all units
  • Generate reports of operation parameters for data analysis
By enhancing overall street light system energy savings, Risecomm provides the municipal street light control system with remote control, remote monitoring, real-time dynamic management.  

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