Building Energy Management System

Risecomm's Building Energy Management system utilizes advanced PLC and network communication technologies to provide intelligent management of air-conditioning systems of stand-alone air conditioners for office building complexes, dormitories and other public indoor facilities. It will extend the service life of air-conditioning systems and other equipment while energy and other costs are reduced.



  • Configure air-conditioners' working mode and temperature
  • Set customized timed tasks for each air-conditioner
  • Monitor air-conditioners' operation status and collect data
  • Mobile phone or portable device App to monitor air-conditioners
  • Automatic alarm for air-conditioners' failures and abnormities
  • Non-intervene mode to allow existing infrared remote controllers to function as usual
Risecomm Microelectronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. has developed energy-saving air-conditioning control system based on intelligent power line communication technology with dedicated system know-how. With the integration of PLC communication using remote control technology, it offers "low power consumption design, no additional wiring and intelligent management system" for the green ecosystem with environmental protection theme. 

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