Photovoltaic Power Management System

Risecomm's Photovoltaic Power Management System  consists of PLC enabled micro-inverters, concentrators and host stations. Each of the micro-inverters has a built-in communication module using Risecomm's PLC technology while the concentrators have the PLC module integrated inside for communicating with micro-inverters and also have other wire line or wireless solutions built-in for connection with remote host stations.


System Features:

  • Monitor the status of photovoltaic solar panels
  • Monitor micro-inverters' power converting status
  • Automatically report abnormities of photovoltaic, panels and micro-inverters
  • On/Off-line control of micro-inverters
  • Display and record the photovoltaic devices' working conditions hourly
  • Generate reports on historical curves of current, power, and electric energy 

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